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Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment Journal is an open access journal maintained by Edelweiss publications. The Journal emphasize in publishing the original scholarly articles related to Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment Journal worldwide. The journal follows rapid review process with the Eminent Editorial Board. Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment Journal provides a global open access platform for the upcoming researchers to globalize their research.

A rheumatic disease is conditions causing chronic pain affecting the joints and connective tissue. Rheumatology is a branch of medicine deals with the diagnosis and therapy of rheumatic diseases. Rheumatologists deal mainly with immune-mediated disorders of the musculoskeletal system, vasculitides, soft tissues, autoimmune diseases, and heritable connective tissue disorders. There are several different forms of rheumatic disease can develops in people of any age and sex. Some contributing factors for the development of disease includes Genetics factors, Environmental factors, age, gender and immune dysfunctions, people who carry the PTPN22 gene are at higher risk for developing rheumatic disease.

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Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment Journal emphasize in publishing the original scholarly articles related to Rheumatic Disorders and Treatment worldwide. The journal follows rapid review process with the Eminent Editorial Board.

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  • ·         Rheumatoid arthritis
  • ·         Septic arthritis
  • ·         Lupus erythematosus
  • ·         Ankylosing spondylitis
  • ·         Osteoporosis
  • ·         Rheumatic fever
  • ·         Sjogrens syndrome
  • ·         Psoriaticarthritis
  • ·         Tendinitis
  • ·         Osteoarthritis
  • ·         Juvenile Idiopathic arthritis
  • ·         Polymyalgia rheumatica
  • ·         Spondyloarthropathies
  • ·         Bursitis

Types of Rheumatic Disease

Rheumatoid arthritis, Septic arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Bursitis, Crohns Disease Gout, Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis ,Osteoarthritis ,Osteoporosis ,Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Psoriatic Arthritis, Scleroderma , Sjogrens Syndrome, Spondyloarthropathies , Tendinitis, Polymyositis , Psoriatic Arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Osteoporosis . Edelweiss Publication Inc is an open access journal which aims to publish most complete and genuine source of information in the form of short commentary, mini review, case report, related, but not limited to above areas and making them available freely through online without any subscriptions and restrictions to researches worldwide

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment Journal publish Research, Review, Short commentary, Case Report, Mini Review related but not limited to above areas. Rheumatoid arthritis is autoimmune disorder where body’s own immune system attacks its tissues as foreign invaders most common types of chronic inflammatory arthritis. It mainly affects joints leads to damage to bone and surrounding cartilage and can damage other organs including eyes, lungs, blood vessels, heart. Rheumatic Diseases affects the lining of the joints causing a painful inflammation and can eventually result in bone erosion and joint deformity.

Symptoms include swollen joints, difficulty moving, joint stiffness, Fatigue, fever and loss of appetite. As the disease get progresses symptoms spread to the wrists, knees, hips and shoulders, ankles, elbows. Rheumatoid arthritis can affect many non-joint structures also like eyes, heart, Bone marrow, Skin, Kidneys. Rheumatic Diseases is in the risk of developing some complications rheumatoid nodules, carpal tunnel syndrome, Lung disease, OsteoporosisCarpal tunnel syndrome. Currently is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis, effective medications are available to reduce pain and discomfort, prevent deformities and loss of joint function.

Corticosteroids, disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Several types of surgery are available to patients like Synovectomy, Tendon Reconstruction, and Joint Replacement. All researches in Rheumatoid arthritis can be published with us at Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment Journal. It is run by Edelweiss Publications Inc, USA.

Septic arthritis

Journal of Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment Journal welcomes manuscript related to Septic arthritis. Septic arthritis is also known as infectious arthritis, and is caused by bacteria, virus or fungus. The inflammation of joint caused by invades of microbes that spread through the blood stream and infect the one large joint in the body such as the knee or hip causing inflammation and pain. The risk for developing septic arthritis in open wounds, weakened immune system, previously damaged jointsintravenous drug abuse, environmental factors, and genetic factors. The most Common bacteria that cause acute septic arthritis include staphylococcus and streptococcus.

The fungal infections are usually slower than bacterial infections to develop some of the fungi which can cause arthritis include histoplasma, coccidiomyces, and blastomyces. Symptoms of septic arthritis intense pain, joint swelling, and fever and it is diagonised by a procedure called arthrocentesis and can be treated by using a combination of antibiotics such as vancomycin, ceftriaxone or ceftazidime Surgery may also be done to clean out the joint by removing the infected synovial fluid from the joint. The Edelweiss publications welcome original manuscripts related to all Rheumatoid disorders and related aspects.

Lupus erythematosus

Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment Journal running by Edelweiss publications accepts all the research work, commentaries, review articles, case reports, many more articles related to Lupus erythematosus. Lupus erythematous is an autoimmune disease caused due hyperactive of human immune system and attacks healthy cells. The most common and severe form is systemic lupus erythematosus. It can affect different body systems. Lupus is caused by multiple genes. Usually it is by gene polymorphisms, more than 30 genes have been linked with the disorder.

Several studies investigations show that potential cause of Lupus is with mutations in DNA repair genes. Depends on the range of severity symptoms may vary common symptoms include Extreme fatigue, unusual hair loss, Extreme fatigue, Muscle pain, swollen glands, Rashes mostly on nose and cheeks. Currently there is no cure for lupus. The effective is only to reduce symptoms and help in maintain normal body functions. Treatment consists of immunosuppressive drugs like hydroxychloroquine and corticosteroidsmethotrexate. Edelweiss Publications encourage students and researcher to submit their valuable research in Journal of Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment.

Ankylosing spondylitis

Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment Journal gives a platform to the authors, who are interested to spread their research globally and get there articles cited, we welcomes all the manuscripts related to Ankylosing spondylitis. Ankylosing spondylitisandis a long term inflammation joints of the spine. Back pain is a characteristic symptom of AS. Ankylosing spondylitis is cause by genetic and environmental factors. About 90% of people affected by a specific antigen called HLA-B27 (human leukocyte antigen). It is a seronegative spondyloarthropathy mechanism and auto inflammatory. There is no cure for ankylosing spondylitis, diagnosis and treatment helps to control pain and stiffness and may reduce or prevent significant deformity. Medications include NSAIDs, steroids, DMARDs such as sulfasalazine, and biologic agents such as infliximab. Edelweiss Publications ensures a rapid peer review process to run it successfully.


Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment Journal is a peer reviewed journal, with rapid publication process. Osteoporosis is an increased bone weakness results in the increase in the risk of a bone breakage. It may also occur due to a number of diseases or for treatments, including kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, alcoholism, anorexia, and surgical removal of the ovaries. Bone loss increases after menopause due to lower levels of estrogen. Osteoporosis can be prevented to some extend by doing regular exercise, healthy diet wit rich vitamin D and calcium. Edelweiss Publications is running the Journal of Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment Journal since three years and looking to propagate this journal among the researchers around the globe.

Rheumatic fever

Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment Journal is committed to publish top-tier original research in all areas of Rheumatology and related fields through a fair and rigorous review process. Rheumatic fever is an inflammatory streptococcal infection which is untreated rheumatic fever leads to the complications such as scarlet fever or strep throat.

Rheumatic heart disease is a condition caused by rheumatic fever involving in the cause of permanent damage to the heart valves result in the infection of the valves, atrial fibrillation, and heart failure. Symptoms include fever, multiple joints pains, involuntary muscle movements, red skin rash, and high temperature, heart failure, damaged Heart muscle, Aortic valve stenosisAortic regurgitation. Antibiotics such as penicillin, sulfadiazine, erythromycin, anti-inflammatory treatment aspirin, corticosteroid and anticonvulsant medications. Edelweiss publications are a global open access platform for the upcoming researchers to globalize their research.

Sjogrens syndrome

Journal of Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment Journal publishes Research articles, Editorials, Commentary, letters to the Editor, reviews, and mini reviews on the Sjogrens syndrome and related topics. Sjogrens syndrome is an autoimmune disease that affects the dysfunction of moisturizing glands characterized by dryness of the mouth and eyes, skin, vaginal dryness, joint pains, numbness in the arms and legs, muscle, feeling tired, and thyroid problems.

This condition often accompanies other immune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Symptoms include mouth dryness, mouth sores, swelling, hoarseness, gum disease, swallowing difficulties impaired voice and mouth dryness. Treatment includes artificial tears, vaginal lubricants, Antifungal medication, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and Disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs. Edelweiss publications are a global open access platform for the upcoming researchers to globalize their research.


Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment Journal welcome manuscripts on Psoriatic arthritis topics. Psoriatic arthritis is an inflammatory arthritis affected by the autoimmune disease causes swelling of the fingers and toes. Psoriasis is the inflammation in the skin it can also associate with the inflammation of tendons, cartilage, eyes and aorta. A psoriatic arthritis symptom includes swollen joints, ductilitys, foot pain, fatigue, low back pain. Treatment of psoriatic arthritis involves a combination of anti-inflammatory medications such as methotrexate, corticosteroids, and antimalarial medications are used. Edelweiss publications will be glad to publish the new methods involving in Psoriatic arthritis; researchers all around the world can publish their new finding on this topic.


Journal of Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment Journal aims to publish new research and innovations in Tendinitis. Tendinitis is commonly known as tendonitis, it is an inflammation/irritation of a tendon, and it is a thick cord where bone attaches to muscle. Tendinitis is most often caused by acute conditions, repetitive, minor impact on the affected area and usually accompanied by pain and swelling. It most often affects at the particular body parts like the elbow, wrist, finger, thigh, and other parts of the body. It was most common in adults and above the age of 40.

The following types of tendinitis are Achilles tendinitis, patellar tendinitis, elbow tendinitis, biceps tendinitis, rotator cuff tendinitis, and wrist tendinitis. Symptoms include pain which worsens on movement, cracking sensation when the joint is moved, stiffness due to swelling, adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder, lump may develop along the tendon. Treatment includes resting the joint/restriction of movement of the affected tendon, reduction of inflammation, hot and cold treatment, splinting of the affected joint. Edelweiss publications emphasize in publishing the original scholarly articles related to Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment Journal worldwide. The journal follows rapid review process with the Eminent Editorial Board.


Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment Journal invite innovators in the field of Osteoarthritis to publish their new innovations in our Journal. Osteoarthritis is most often called as degenerative joint disease or degenerative arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a type of joint disease that results in the breakdown of cartilage joint and underlying bone. It is more common with age and most commonly affects the spine, hips, knees and hands. Symptoms include pain, tenderness, stiffness, loss of flexibility, grating sensation, bone spurs. Treatment includes medications (Acetaminophen, Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Duloxetine), therapies (Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Tai chi and yoga), surgical and other procedures (Cortisone injections, Lubrication injections, Realigning bones, Joint replacement).Edelweiss publications publishes all article related to Rheumatology and many more.