Edelweiss: Cancer Open Access

Editor in chief

Ashok Jain
Professor of Biology
Department of Natural and Forensic Sciences
Albany State University

About Journal

Edelweiss cancer Open Access is interested in publishing research, review manuscripts covering all aspects of cancer. We invite manuscripts which are novel and highly innovative in detecting or curing cancer of all forms. Clinical trial studies, research on new therapeutic agents, drugs and chemicals and new concepts for detection and treatment of cancer.

Edelweiss Cancer Open Access accepts subjects involving multi-subject approach in dealing with cancer, researches concerning to cellular and molecular biology, genetics, clinical trials and epidemiology.

Edelweiss Cancer Open Access is a peer reviewed Journal, with rapid publication process. It covers the topics such as 

Cancer researchMutations

Cancer epidemiology and etiology

Cancer genomics and proteomics

Oncology Cancer and radiation studies

Cancer genetic pathways; Cell cycle control

Apoptosis; DNA Repair; Cancer and stem cells

Cancer therapeutics

Drugs used in Cancer treatment

Oncology Cancer and radiation studies

DNA Bridges; Prevention studies and education

Cancer cell biology; Melanoma; Non-coding RNA

Cell Proliferation and not limited to above areas.

Edelweiss Cancer Open Access provides a global open access platform to put forth the ongoing research, reviewson cancer. Discussions on clinical aspects that determine the safety and effectiveness of medications, devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens associated with clinical trials are also welcome in this journal.

Edelweiss Cancer Open Access  is an open access journal maintaining high standards of scientific excellence and its editorial board ensures a rapid peer review process with the Manuscript Manager System.

Edelweiss Cancer Open Access  welcome submissions related to above fields. Authors may submit their valuable work at :  editor@edelweisspublications.com