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Few Articles Published

Conducting Behavioral Intervention Research in Rural Communities: Barriers and Strategies to Recruiting and Retaining Heart Failure Patients in Studies

Lufei Young*, Susan Barnason, Van Do


Background: Heart failure is a major public health problem, and self-management is the primary approach to control the progression of heart failure. The low research participation rate among rural patients hinders the generation of new evidence for improving self-management in rural heart failure patients. 
Purpose: The purpose of this study is to identify the barriers and strategies in the recruitment and retention of rural heart failure patients in behavioral intervention programs to promote self-management adherence. 
Method: This is a descriptive study using data generated from a randomized controlled trial. 
Results: Eleven common barriers were identified such as the inability to perceive the benefits of the study, the burden of managing multiple comorbidities, and the lack of transportation to appointments. Possible gateways to improve recruitment and retention include using recruiters from the local community and promoting provider engagement with research activities. Multiple challenges inhibited rural heart failure patients from participating in and completing the behavioral intervention study. 
Conclusion and implications: Anticipation of those barriers, and identifying strategies to remove those barriers, could contribute to an improvement in the rural patients’ participation and completion rates, leading to the generation of new evidence and better generalizability of the evidence. 

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Long Term Quality of Life after Tension-Free Vaginal Tape-Obturator Procedure in Women with Stress Urinary Incontinence

Athanasios Farfaras*, Stefanos Antoniou , Panagiotis Skolarikos

Introduction: Stress urinary incontinence represents a common but strongly underestimated health problem that affects women of all ages and severely downgrades their health related quality of life. The transobturator vaginal tape (TVT-O) approach offers long term success rates, while minimizing complications. In this study, we examined quality of life of patients suffering by stress urinary incontinence and investigated whether TVT-O procedure offers considerable benefits in patient’s quality of life after 5 years of placement. 

Methods and results: Women with confirmed urodynamic stress urinary incontinence that underwent TVT-O procedure were included in this prospective study. Patient’s quality of life was evaluated by using the Greek version of SF-36 preoperatively and 60 months postoperatively. The outcomes demonstrated that incontinence had significant adverse effect in patient’s quality of life. However, TVT-O procedure offers a safe and efficient treatment, substantially improving both physical and mental dimension of women’s health related quality of life (P>0.05). 

Discussion: Stress urinary incontinence strongly impairs women’s health related quality of life, limiting their physical activities, social function and causing emotionally imbalance. Insertion of tension free vaginal tape reverses symptoms and significantly improves all health indicators associated with patient’s health related quality of life. In our study, we demonstrate that minimal invasive surgery, by using TVT-O procedure is highly effective, in long term, in improving quality of life of women with stress urinary incontinence.