Edelweiss Gene Therapy & Genetic Syndrome

Editor in chief

George Perry
Dean and Professor
Semmes Foundation Distinguished Chair in Neurobiology
The University of Texas at San Antonio

About Journal

Gene Therapy & Genetic Syndrome: The technique which involves DNA to treat disease by delivering the therapeutic DNA into the diseased/patients cells. One of its most common forms involves the use of DNA that encodes a functional therapeutic gene to replace the mutated gene.

Gene is the basic functional unit of hereditary. The Deficiency or disorders of genes in cells leads to the genetic disorders resolved with the respected treatment of gene therapies.

Genetic syndrome is a condition in which caused by one or more abnormalities in the genome. Mostly it is present from birth. This may be or may not be heritable disorder. In heritable it is passed from the parent genes whereas in non-heritable disorder this may be caused due to new changes to the DNA.

Journal of Gene Therapy & Genetic Syndrome encompasses the continuous coverage of all biological and medical aspects of potential gene therapies for the birth defects along with genetic disorders. Journal of Gene Therapy & Genetic Syndromes provides reliable information updating online viewers with the modified methods and latest advancements in the field of gene therapy for diverse genetic disorders.

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