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Case Report: Peculiar Findings

It is such a broad science cant be defined in words, any unusual, unique, unexpected result that arose during research findings which be reported by researcher as a article in order to let the scientific world know about the case.

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We being an open access publishers, provides a good platform to make the world aware of your findings.

Our aim is to make access easy for the researchers and readers to the current findings going globally.

We urge you to contribute a latest finding towards the journal and let the scientific world be benefitted.

Case report: A peculiar findings assures you a great platform to accelerate the discoveries globally.

Advantages for submission:

Fast Review Process: We assure you 21 days peer-review process by experts of the field.

Prompt service: we would be at your service throughout the process and happy to reply you queries within 24 hrs.

Accelerating globally: Your findings are key for us and equally important for the scientific community, thus we get it published globally within a short period of time.

Edelweiss publications embraces the philosophy - Connecting the world of scientific community.