Edelweiss Applied Science and Technology

Editor in chief

Mohammed A Alnafea
A. Professor of Medical Imaging & Physics
Department of Radiologic Sciences
College of Applied Medical Sciences
King Saud University
Kingdom Saudi Arabia

Editor in chief

Department Of Chemistry, Faculty of Science,
University of Technology,

About Journal

Edelweiss Applied Science and Technology is an open access journal, our journal has a wide scope of topics related to science and technology, which are not limited to Basic Science, life science, computer science, environmental science, chemical science, electrical science, electronic engineering, industrial engineering, material science, astronomy and astrophysics. 

Our journal also invites all original research, review, case reports related to physics, agriculture, biochemistry, biophysics, forestry, biotechnology, nanotechnology, psychology, business and economics, finance, food science, botany, genetics, neuroscience, robotics, arts, education, sociology, mathematics, health care, nutrition, statistics, pharmaceutical science, mechanics, zoology, horticulture, husbandry, and many more. 

Editors interested in running a Special Issue, we will be glad to coin one with you. For more information on special issue contact our editorial staff. 

Submit your manuscript towards our journal at editor@edelweisspublications.com

Article processing charges

Since we are open Access publisher, publication charges are must, however a special discount is provided for this journal.

Developed country: 150 USD (50% discount in article processing charges)

Developing/under developing countries: : 75 USD (75% discount in article processing charges).