Edelweiss Applied Science and Technology is an open access journal, our journal has a wide scope of topics related to science and technology, which are not limited to Basic Science, life science, computer science, environmental science, chemical science, electrical science, electronic engineering, industrial engineering, material science, astronomy and astrophysics.

Edelweiss Applied Science and Technology (ISSN: 2576-8484)

Editor in chief

Mohammed A Alnafea
A. Professor of Medical Imaging & Physics
Department of Radiologic Sciences
College of Applied Medical Sciences
King Saud University
Kingdom Saudi Arabia

Editor in chief

Mukesh Singh Boori
Adjunct Professor
American Sentinel University
Colorado, USA

Editor in chief

Wan Azelee Wan Abu Bakar
Department Of Chemistry
Faculty of Science
University of Technology

About Journal

Edelweiss Applied Science and Technology is an open access journal, our journal has a wide scope of topics related to science and technology, which are not limited to Basic Science, life science. It also covers computer science, environmental science, chemical science, electrical science, electronic engineering. Also focuses on research topics of industrial engineering, material science, astronomy and astrophysics

Our journal also invites all original research, review, case reports related to physics, agriculture and biochemistry. Also this covers biophysics, forestry, biotechnology, nanotechnology, psychology, business and economics. This journal also covers finance, food science, botany, genetics, neuroscience, robotics, arts, education, sociology, mathematics, health care. Wide scope articles related to nutrition, statistics, pharmaceutical science, mechanics, zoology, horticulture, husbandry, and many more are also covered in this journal

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Edelweiss publications include rigorous peer review process and high scientific publishing standard to ensure superior contribution to scholarly literature added with high quality production. Authors may submit their valuable research at: editor@edelweisspublications.com

Indexing and Archiving

Editorial Board

Edelweiss Applied Science and Technology follows double blinding peer review process. Each manuscript is assigned to two different reviewers for evaluation. Dynamic and high expertise editors of our Editorial Board are responsible for the peer review process and for the decision

All submitted articles will be reviewed by Editor Board, publication faculty which allows submission to be published in just over 4-6 weeks. The Journal Edelweiss Applied Science and Technology consists of Editorial members of different universities globally.

Heather Soleil Lonczak
Research Scientist 
Harm Reduction Research & Treatment Lab
Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
University of Washington - Harborview Medical Center

Wan Azelee Wan Abu Bakar
Department Of Chemistry, Faculty of Science,
University of Technology,

M Rajajeyakumar
Assistant Professor
Department of Physiology
Chennai Medical College Hospital & Research Center (Srm Group)

Peter Onneken
Institute of Diet and Health

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Core topics

It covers the topics related to applied science and technology which includes:

Basic Science

Edelweiss Applied Science and Technology welcomes all the articles related to basic science for global readers. Basic which refer to that something is necessary, Science refers to knowledge obtained by observation and testing of facts or enquiry about living and nonliving things in our environment. Basic science mainly covers Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology in general. Edelweiss publications maintaining Edelweiss Applied Science and Technology journal is an open access maintaining high standard quality articles of basic science.

Life science

Edelweiss applied science and technology which is one of the life science journals. This journal handles wide scope of life science topics related to Anatomy, Astrobiology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Molecular biology. And also related to Genetics, Structural biology, Theoretical biology, Zoology, Neuroscience, Toxicology, Pharmacology, Microbiology and many more.

Life science journals like Edelweiss Applied Science and Technology welcomes all the research, review articles, and commentaries to publish in there journal. This Life Science Journal is running by eminent scientists with peer review process.

Computer science

Edelweiss Applied Science and Technology welcomes all the manuscripts related to computer science and ensures of rapid peer review with the help of its Editorial board. Computer science is mainly the theoretical and experimental study that forms the basis for the use and design of the computer. It is basically the scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications. Edelweiss Publications accepts all the articles related to computer science and benefit the authors with more citation and global readers.

Food Science

Applied science journals like Edelweiss Applied Science and Technology gives a platform to the authors, who are interested to spread their research globally and get there articles cited. Food science is the branch of applied science which is related to food safety, self-life and study of preservation of food. This also involves the study of effects of food on human body. Food Science journals like Edelweiss applied science and Technology welcomes all the manuscripts related to food science.

Environmental science

Edelweiss Applied science and Technology accepts all the manuscripts of all the topics of environmental science. Environmental science is multidisciplinary field which includes all the fields of ecology, biology, physics, and plant science. And also mineralogy, oceanography, soil science, geology, atmosphere science and many more are covered in Environmental Science. Edelweiss Applied Science and Technology is a scholarly journal maintaining high standards of scientific excellence and its editorial board ensures a rapid peer review process and available globally

Chemical science
 Edelweiss Applied Science and technology journal accepts all the manuscripts related to chemical sciences. Chemical Science is wide branch which covers Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Physical chemistry, Materials science and Nano science. Catalysis, Chemical biology, Analytical chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, Theoretical chemistry, Computational chemistry, Green chemistry, Energy and environmental chemistry and many more also comes under Chemical science.

By this Edelweiss Applied Science and technology journal authors will get a good platform where they can publish their valuable work on chemical sciences.

Edelweiss Applied science and technology welcomes all the articles of robotic science to publish in it. Robotics is a branch of engineering and science which includes mechanical engineering, computer science, electronics engineering, etc. Robotics deals with the construction, designing of robots with the use of computer science. Mainly it focuses on operation, control and information processing of robots. New researches and techniques on this topic are welcomed at Edelweiss Applied science and technology. We have strong Editorial board that has supported us to take this journal to new heights. We have rapid peer review process as this is done by editorial board members who are experts in the field.

Material Science
Edelweiss Applied science and technology journal is a platform for authors to submit their valuable research work of material science and get global readers. Material science involves the properties of matter along with their applications to various areas of science and engineering. Material science mainly focuses on Nano science, nanotechnology, applied physics and chemistry, chemical, civil, electrical, and chemical engineering. All the above topics research work can be published in this Journal running by Edelweiss publication.

Edelweiss applied science and technology accepts all type of manuscripts related to astronomy. Astronomy is one of oldest natural science which studies celestial objects and there phenomena. It applies mathematics, chemistry and physics to explain the origin of celestial objects and there evolution. Astronomy is split into two, observational and theoretical branches

Electronic engineering
Edelweiss Applied science and technology is an open access journal which accepts all the manuscripts related to electrical engineering and computer engineering. Electronic engineering which is commonly known as electronics and computer engineering. This field covers transistors, diodes, integrated circuits and designing the electronic circuits. It has wide applications in telecommunications, computer engineering, electric power control and many more. At Edelweiss Publication the journal editorial board members are given complete freedom and ask them to work with great zeal. And publish the manuscripts which are good at research and introducing new techniques to world.

Edelweiss Applied science and Technology Accepts all research, review articles related to horticulture. Horticulture is cultivation, processing, and sale of fruits, nuts, plants, flowers, and vegetables. Horticulture also involves the soil management, garden designing, plant conversation and many more. It is mainly sub divided into organic horticulture and urban horticulture. Edelweiss Publications Inc maintains this journal and promotes it around the globe.

Edelweiss applied science accepts all the research and review articles related to the genetics. Genetics is basically study of genes, heredity and genetic variation in living organisms controlled by genes. It falls under the scope of biology and interlinks with the study of information systems.
This is a branch of life science which overlaps with other areas like agriculture, medicine and biotechnology.

Types of genetics:

Edelweiss Applied Science and Technology is a scholarly journal maintaining high standard articles of Genetics

Health care
Edelweiss Publications is running Edelweiss Applied science and Technology since three years and looking to propagate this journal among the researchers around the globe. Health Care is the improvement of health by diagnosing illness, injury and treating the diseases and also the mental or physical impairments occurring in the body. Broadly health care is divided into primary, secondary and tertiary care. Edelweiss Applied science and Technology welcomes authors to publish their manuscripts related to health care and global readers. Edelweiss Publications Inc, an USA based publishers supports journal of Edelweiss Applied science and Technology.

Current Issue Articles

 ·         Ozone Layer Depletion and Climate Change in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects-A Review

Author(s): Ogunniran Blessing Ifeoluwa


Nigerians are facing a serious global environmental problem and there is a widespread concern that the ozone layer which is bringing out terrible deterioration thus contributes to climatic change and global warming. This study made use of relevant already published data of the nature and effect of climate change in Nigeria. The  objective  of  this paper  is  to  review  and  examine  how  ozone  layer  depletion and  climate  change  acts as a threat  to  Nigerians  and  strategies that should be elucidated to reduce this phenomenon. The review established the fact that climate change has adverse effect in Nigeria especially in gas flaring region, Nigeria Delta area. Nigeria generally is known as a highly industrialized country and a recent study reports that Nigeria have over  one  hundred  and  twenty  three  (123)  gas  flaring  sites  making her  one of  the highest  emitters  greenhouse  gases  in  Africa.  The  World  Bank (2008)  revealed  that  Nigeria  accounts  for  roughly  one-sixth  of  worldwide  gas  flaring.  There  are  sparse  rainfall  thereby  making  food production  difficult  in  Northern  part  of  Nigeria,  Uncontrolled  logging,  people  in  Niger  Delta  region  are  experiencing  oil  exploration  and exploration,  deforestation  and  bush  burning in the  southern  Nigeria  leading  to  acid  rain, urbanization  with increasing  risk  of  disease  and  rising cost of extreme weather damage. The impacts of which are already felt all over the country.

·         A Study on Interleave Division Multiple Access

 Author(s): Chirag R. Shah


As wireless broadband communication has been experiencing a tremendous growth in past few year, the demands for various new & advanced multiple access techniques is increasing consistently. We can experience many new multiple access techniques in 3G & 4G. Here in this article we propose the multiple access technique IDMA which was developed with the view of achieving something more in terms of speed and capacity then what we had in 3G. The most important in IDMA is turbo-code which has increased the efficiency of 4G to a larger extent. By using these turbo codes with interleave division multiple excess the data rates 4G technology has been increased significantly. The basic idea behind this article is to lead down how by using inter leaver division multiple accesses we can achieve higher coding gain, capacity, high speed (both for uploading & downloading) by using turbo codes along with IDMA.

·        The Determinants Factors of Balance of Payments: An Investigation from Sudan through the Period 1980-2016

Author(s): Faroug Mohammed Khalid Yousif, Almahdi Musa Attahir Musa


This paper investigates the determinants of Sudan balance of payments using annual data on balance of payments (BOP), foreign debt (ED), exchange rate (EX), inflation (INF), gross domestic product (GDP) during the period (1980 2016).  The paper elaborates the problem regarding the impact of foreign debt on the balance of payments. The paper built on the fundamental assumption that the foreign debt linked to a positive relationship with the balance of payments by running VECM Approach. Results of the study indicate that there is a direct correlation between the balance of payments and foreign debt, and an inverse relationship between the balance of payments and all of the inflation, gross domestic product and exchange rate during the fore mentioned period. The paper recommends that Sudan should not totally depends on foreign aid in Solving its economic problems which entails to transfer big amount of the national product to meet the Commitments towards those foreign countries, the need for coordination between macroeconomic policies and domestic economic policies in order to increase output domestic product, economic policies are functioning to reduce the ratio of foreign debt and the reduction of inflation and bring about stability in the exchange rate which leads to improving the balance of payments to be adopted by Sudan.

·         Forensic Examination of Inks Extracted from Printed Documents Using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

Author(s): Paul Ocheje Ameh and Musa Suud Ozovehe


Yellow, cyan, magenta and black inks were extracted from documents printed using two common brands of printing cartridge in Nigerian market and analyzed to identify / compare the functional groups present using Fourier Transform Infra-red Spectroscopy (FTIR). The FTIR spectra obtained were found to show highly characteristic absorption bands depending on the composition of the printer inks. Also, the results indicated the presence of triaryl methane dyes, epoxy resins, alkyd resin and esters in all the inks as they are peaks assigned to the vibration of aliphatic ester, asymmetrical and symmetrical stretching. The pure ink and its extract from the same band were also found to exhibit similar FTIR spectra while inks extract from different brands exhibits marked difference in absorption bands. This research can provide valuable information if an admitted sample is provided for comparing with the suspect printed document.

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