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Anisotropic Nanomaterials

This image explains about anisotropic nanomaterials which include Nano scale materials, biomimetic materials, Nano probes, Nano catalysis
Anisotropic nanomaterials- Nanomaterial chemistry and technology

Anisotropic nanomaterials are an ideal building blocks of nanomaterials they possess unique physical, chemical and mechanical properties with different directional axes. These materials are compressed of conductivity, absorbance, tensile strength, and refractive index.  Anisotropic nanomaterials are commonly seen in liquids, crystals, liquid crystals and even in wood which is easier to split along its grain to exhibit many variations. Different types synthesis of anisotropic nanomaterials is Seed-mediated synthesis, Polyol synthesis, Biological synthesis, Hydro synthesis, Galvanic replacement reactions, Photochemical synthesis, Electrochemical synthesis, Template-mediated synthesis, and so on. Increasing the anisotropic nature of the nanoparticle can enhance its catalytic activity. Large surface areas for a given quantity of materials make them good for adsorption at specific sites.

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