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Image of Kyphosis
Kyphosis, Source-Wikipedia

Kyphosis is also called as Hunchback, which is an abnormally excessive convex curvature of the spine as it occurs in the thoracic and sacral regions. It can result from degenerative disc disease; developmental abnormalities, most commonly Scheuermanns disease; osteoporosis with compression fractures of the vertebra; multiple myeloma; or trauma. Kyphosis can occur at any age, but is common during adolescence. Complications of kyphosis include breathing problems, limited physical functions, digestive problems and body image problems. There are several types of kyphosis. The three that most commonly affect children and adolescents are:

The goal of treatment is to stop progression of the curve and prevent deformity by considering several things when determining treatment for kyphosis, like childs age and overall health, severity of the curve and type of kyphosis.

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