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Unusual changes in body like reddened, swollen, immobility hot, and often painful, injured or infected by germs is known as Inflammation. Inflammation can be external or internal. Inflammation is an important part in healing process. Irritation and granulation are two stages of Inflammation. Irritation is known as first stage of inflammation which followed by the discharging of pus, granulation is known as second stage of inflammation, which helps in wound healing by reforming the new tissue. Infections and wounds would never heal without inflammation.

Acute inflammation causes bronchitis, sore throat, acute appendicitis, dermatitis, tonsillitis, infective meningitis, physical trauma and sinusitis sometimes chronic inflammation may lead to cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, periodontitis and hay fever. Blood circulation to injured body parts, motion of capillaries between blood and cells while transferring fluids and proteins, releasing of neutrophils are symptoms inflammation.

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