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Edelweiss Journal of Biomedical Research and Review (ISSN 2690-2613)

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Volume 4 Issue 1

Case Report

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Detail Investigation of Frequent Nocturia and its Improvement by the Administration of Diuretic

Tadao Shimamura, Hiroshi Bando, Masahiko Takemura, Jouji Shunto, Hiroko Ogawa, Miwako Nakanishi, Osami Watanabe and Shinji Nagahiro


Background: For elderly people, nocturia has been often found associated with other diseases. Case presentation: The case is 88-year-old male with hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). He developed nocturia and insomnia, and then checked daily water balance by himself. Results: Basic situation show

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