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Edelweiss journal of Biomedical Research and Review is an international open-access, peer reviewed journal with rapid publications process. It aims to publish most complete and reliable source of information on the findings and current developments in the form of original Research, Review, Opinion articles, Case reports, Mini review, and short communication.

Biomedical Research is a branch of science which deals with the processes of life, the prevention and treatment of disease, and the genetic and environmental factors related to disease and health. To increase fundamental knowledge and to understand the physical, chemical and functional mechanisms of human life processes and diseases, biomedical research is conducted. Many areas of both the life and physical sciences are included in the field of Biomedical Research.

The effects of drugs and medical techniques are examined with the help of biomedical research on the biological systems of living creatures. The various chemicals and substances which are developed and new medicines used in treatment of the diseases can be studied with the help of Biomedical Research. The research is commonly conducted by using methods and equipment developed by people working in other branches of biomedical technology.

The Journal follows the double blind review process ensuring the quality in review process as well as making sure the articles are judged on its strengths of research and information the author tends to provide. Journal covers the topics related to biomedical research which includes health research, clinical research, Biomedical Technology, Translational Biomedicine, Biomedical ultrasound, Human Biology, Biomedical Imaging, Biomedical Engineering, clinical trials, Biophysics, Biomedical Science, Molecular Medicine, Nano medicine, Molecular biology, Medical Genetics and many more.

Edelweiss journal of Biomedical Research and Review publishes articles related to above topics but not limited to it. All the articles related to biomedical research are published online and are available to the readers worldwide without any subscription charge. Biomedical Research and Review is the Journal maintained by Edelweiss publications, which ensures of Rapid Peer review with the help of its Editorial Board.

The publication charge for research and review articles is 500USD and commentary and editorials 200USD.

Edelweiss journal of Biomedical Research and Review welcome submissions related to science. Authors may submit their valuable research work at:

Editorial Board: The Journal of cancer consists of Editorial Board members from all over the world who help us in rapid peer review process (4-6 weeks).

Hiroshi Bando, Professor, Medical Research, Tokushima University, Japan.
Simona Gabriela Bungau, Professor, University of Oradea, Romania.
Li-PinKao, Professor, University of Queensland, Australia.

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Detail Investigation of Frequent Nocturia and its Improvement by the Administration of Diuretic

Tadao Shimamura, Hiroshi Bando, Masahiko Takemura, Jouji Shunto, Hiroko Ogawa, Miwako Nakanishi, Osami Watanabe and Shinji Nagahiro

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