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Edelweiss: Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment is an open access journal which aims to publish most complete and genuine source of information in the form of Research, Review, Case Report, Mini review, Short Commentary, Editorials, making them available freely through online without any subscriptions and restrictions to researchers worldwide.

Authors may submit the articles as attachment to

Edelweiss: Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment follows peer-review process and upon acceptance of article under review process, the article processing fee 500USD is charged accordingly to publish and make it available to all the levels of scientific community without any hassle.

Indian Clinical Research Association

Edelweiss: Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment is a official journal for Indian Clinical Research Association.

About ICRA

Mission: Background:  With the core aim of assisting and enhancing the application of clinical  research in the physiotherapy field, Assisting clinical physiotherapists  regarding practical aspects of research publication cycle and promoting research in daily clinical practice of physiotherapy & their health care specialities.
ICRA is registered with CTRI: At present in India we have only few reliable system of research and ethical governance or review for clinical researches for physiotherapists.There are only few system of registration of the research.which can confirm the creditials or quality of research like CTRI.
Vision: ICRA  aims to provide high standards of training and education for all the members of ICRA and other affiliated associations and institutes. It also aims to provide high quality research training to all members and to ensure continuing professional development for all members..

Editorial Board: The Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment Journal consists of Editorial Board members from all over the world who help us in rapid peer review process (4-6 weeks).

Huang Zhiwei, Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Ashok R. Amin, Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Wake Forest University, USA
Athanasios Thanos Badekas, Director, Department of Orthopedics, Hellenic Police Health Quarters, Greece

 For Complete Editorial  Board

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