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Food technology

Food technology comes under the branch of food science which deals with the production and processing of food.

In the earlier research food technology is mostly concentrated on food preservation. By the development of pasteurization technique by Louis pasture lead to the development of food technology.

Developments in food technology have contributed greatly to the food supply and have changed our world. Some of these developments are:

·        Instantized milk powder

·        Freeze-drying

·        Ultra-high temperature processing

·        Process optimization and  many more

Topics covered by Food technology includes:

·        Food safety

·        Food regulation

·        Food preservation

·        Food chemistry

·        Food microbiology

·        Food education and many more,

Implementation of nanotechnology in the food technology is the current research work going on in the Food science and food technology.

The journal of Edelweiss Applied Science and technology addresses current issues related to food science and technology, including research, education, food engineering, food packaging, nutraceuticals and many more. Peer review process is done by editorial board members following the double blinding process.

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