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The Importance of Preserving the Primary Teeth before the Permanent Teeth Eruption

Mohammad Karimi

Avaliable from November, 0000


One of the important factors of referring children to dentistry is dental caries in the primary teeth. It is commonplace to see moments of anxiety for both the child and their parents when a tooth decays happen. It should be noted that the thickness of enamel in children is little, which is one of the factors that affect dental caries to develop more easily. In order to prevent the dental decay of primary teeth, there are several ways in which a dentist can present in order to guide the child and their parents into the right preventive path.

Some parents believe that if teeth are damaged, there will be no problem with teeth and after a short period of time, the permanent teeth will be replaced. But this is not so easy. The permanent teeth have a special process that needs to be followed by a series of steps to get ready to erupt.

Early loss of dental teeth can have several complications. For example, early loss of anterior dental teeth will have an adverse effect on the childs spirits. The child may be disrespected or despised by his fellow students, pears or even siblings, which can push him into a stage of depression.

Other complications are the movement of the adjacent teeth into space, and the occupation of part of the lost space, which disturbs the growth of the childs teeth, resulting in the probability of the need for orthodontic treatment. Here are just two very simple examples for parents who should be aware of the importance of keeping childrens primary teeth.

How can parents prevent the early loss of primary teeth? If parents emphasize the importance of oral hygiene of their childrens, and routinely take their children to the dentist every six months, there is a potential for teeth to be prevented from dental caries.

This can only be done by brushing after each meal (using fluoride-containing toothpastes for children), using dental floss, avoiding excessive consumption of sugars and sticky foods (for example: cacao and puff cakes), using fruits and nuts as each snack, and application of preventive materials such as fissure sealants and fluoride gel by the dentists.

It should be explained that the application of fissure sealants and fluoride therapy without observing the above points will not help in preventing tooth decay. Therefore, we strongly recommend by promoting oral hygiene in children, parents are able to prevent dental caries in order to preserve primary teeth [1-9].


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Primary teeth, Permanent teeth, tooth decay