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Edelweiss: Cancer Open Access (ISSN: 2689-6737)

Editor In Chief

Ashok Jain
Professor of Biology
Department of Natural and Forensic Sciences
Albany State University

My research focuses on breast cancer specifically dietary aspects. Food carcinogens especially heterocyclic amines (such as PhIP, MeIQ, 8-MeIQ etc.) and formed when meat is cooked at high temperature. These genotoxic compounds are metabolized when consumed and causes production of reactive oxygen species in addition to DNA strand breaks and DNA adduct formation. We are trying to understand which antioxidant is effective in blocking the carcinogenesis and how? Therefore research falls primarily in area of Epigenetics. Broadly, my research interests are Cancer biology, Cancer prevention, Cell and Molecular biology, and Biotechnology.

Cancer biology, Cancer prevention, Cell and Molecular biology and Biotechnology