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Editorial Board

Margaret Mary Hansen
Associate Professor
University of San Francisco
  • Research Interest

Rose E Constantino
Associate Professor
Department of Health and Community Systems
University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing
  • Research Interest

Esther H Dorsey 
Assistant Professor of Nursing
University of Texas Galveston

  • Research Interest

Suh-Ing Hsieh
Associate professor 
Nursing Department
Chang Gung University of Science
  • Research Interest

Hamid Reza Khankeh
Associate Professor
Department of Health in Disasters & Emergencies
University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences (USWR)

  • Research Interest

Carolyn McKenzie
Clinical Associate Professor
UNC Chapel Hill School of Nursing
University of North Carolina
united states 
  • Research Interest

Lukasz Szarpak
President,International Institute of Rescue Research and Education
Department of Cardiosurgery and Transplantology
Cardinal Wyszynski National Institute of Cardiology
Warsaw, Poland
  • Research Interest

Maria Lavdaniti 
Assistant  Professor 
Department of Nursing
Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki

  • Research Interest

Rahul R. Pathak
Academic Assistant Dean, 
College of Medicine
University of Central Florida 
  • Research Interest

Rupesh Kumar Gautam
Associate Professor
Department of Pharmacology
ADINA Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,

  • Research Interest

Raj Kumar R
H.O.D & Professor
School of Computer Science and Engineering
Vellore Institute of Technology, India
  • Research Interest


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