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Obesity is a condition where in the body fat is accumulated in the body tissues having a bad impact on the health of the human being. One of the major impacts on health is Diabetes. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the person's blood sugar levels are high due to inadequate production of the insulin. These persons always feel thirsty and hungry. Both Obesity & Diabetes are the major risk factors for the health, which can be controlled by daily physical exercise, having good diet are the basic steps to follow.

Journal of Obesity and Diabetesis a peer reviewed Journal, with rapid publication process. It covers the topics such as Childhood Obesity, Eating Disorders, Health Care, Hypothalamus, Artificial Pancreas and not limited to above areas. JOD provides a platform to put forth the ongoing research, reviews, and commentaries on Obesity.

Journal of Obesity and Diabetes is using online manuscript submission, review and tracking systems of Manuscript Manager System for quality and quick review process.

Journal of Obesity and Diabetes welcome submissions related to above fields. Authors may submit their valuable work at : editor@edelweisspublications.com


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