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Nano biochemistry

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Nano biochemistry

The art of Nano biochemistry manages the creation, examination and use of frameworks that are 1000 times littler than the segments at present utilized in the field of microelectronics. Biotechnology manages metabolic process with microorganisms. Combination of these two advancements results in development of nanotechnology in Biochemistry. The biomedical uses of nanotechnology are the immediate results of such combinations. The difficulties looking by the researchers and specialists working in the field of nanotechnology are very tremendous and phenomenally complex in nature. Nanotechnology in biochemistry presents numerous progressive open doors in the battle against a wide range of growth, heart and neurodegenerative issue, contamination and different maladies. Analysts at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and the University of California at Berkeley are joining nanotechnology with organic chemistry, which brought about revelation of one of a kind engineered layers that empower them to specifically control flagging movement in living T cells from the invulnerable framework. Along these lines nanotechnology and organic chemistry will bring out many testing research works in the up and coming days. 

•           Biosensors

•           Silicon chips

•           Nano organic chemistry applications

•           Structural DNA nanotechnology

•           Nano medications and collaboration

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Editorial : Lysine Methylation of Non-Histone Proteins

Byron Baron

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Editorial : Science Can Still Captivate Us All

Adolfo Rivero-Müller

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Research Article : Hantzsch Reaction as a Method for Spectrofluorimetric Analysis of Penicillin G

Mohamed A. El Hamd , Ahmed A. H. Abdellatif

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Editorial : A Case of Complete Recovery from an Allergic Disease

Kimihiko Okazaki

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Research Article : Metabolic Link of Human Milk: Effects on Weight, Length and Body Mass Index (BMI)

Salah Ahmed Shoheb, Mohamed A.El-Gamasy

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Research Article : Current State of Art of Diaminomalenonitrile Based Synthetic Receptors for Ion Sensing With Bio Applications: Mechanistic, Sensing and Photophysical Aspects

Masood Ayoub Kaloo and Bilal A Bhat

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Review Article : The Role of Human Coactosin-Like Protein in Neurodegenerative Disorders

Y Anu Shanu, Antonio Lauto, Simon J Myers

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Research Article : Synthesis of Some Novel Chalcone Derivative Via Microwave Method & Its Antimicrobial Activity

Nilesh Pandya, Tejas Gandhi, KR Desai

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Research Article : Neuro effects of opioids on the human brain

Clairmont Griffith and Bernice La France*

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Commentary : CRISPR CUREs: Running with Molecular Scissors in the Classroom
Emily R Siniscalco and Te-Wen Lo
Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Comparative Antiseptic Effects of Some Locally Used Plant Products on Isolated Skin Microorganisms

 Olasan JO, Yandev D, Aguoru CU, Ukaonu C and Obaje C

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