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Family medicine

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Family drugs, once medical practice may be a medicine dedicated to comprehensive health look after individuals of all ages; the specialist is called a family medical practitioner or general practitioner. In Europe the discipline is usually noted as general observe and a professional person as a general observe doctor or GP; this name emphasizes the holistic nature of this specialty, moreover as its roots within the family. medical practice may be a division of medical care that has continued and comprehensive health look after the individual and family across all ages, genders, diseases, and elements of the body; family physicians area unit usually medical care physicians. It supports the data of the patient within the context of the family and therefore the community, accenting malady bar and health promotion. In line with the planet Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA), the aim of medical practice is to produce personal, comprehensive, and continued look after the individual within the context of the family and therefore the community. The problems of values underlying this observe area unit sometimes referred to as medical care ethics. Medical practice and family physicians play an awfully vital role within the health care system of a rustic. Family physicians deliver a spread of acute, chronic and preventive medical aid services. Additionally to diagnosis and treating malady, they conjointly give preventive care, as well as routine checkups, health-risk assessments, immunization and screening tests, and personalized counsel on maintaining a healthy life-style. Family physicians conjointly manage chronic malady, usually coordinating care provided by alternative subspecialists.

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Highly Accessed Articles List

Research Article : Conducting Behavioral Intervention Research in Rural Communities: Barriers and Strategies to Recruiting and Retaining Heart Failure Patients in Studies

Lufei Young, Susan Barnason, Van Do

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Research Article : Relational Practice in Nursing: A Case Analysis

Ping Zou

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Research Article : Long Term Quality of Life after Tension-Free Vaginal Tape-Obturator Procedure in Women with Stress Urinary Incontinence

Athanasios Farfaras, Stefanos Antoniou and Panagiotis Skolarikos

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Cost Effectiveness of Giemsa versus Field’s Staining Technique: Implications for Malaria Diagnosis among Children in a Busy Hospital Setting in Uganda

Juliana Namutundu, Nsobya Samuel Lubwama, Yeka Adoke, Chrispus Mayora and Sebastian Olikira Baine

Full-Text | PDF |

Review Article : Percutaneous Tracheostomy – Advantages and Complications

Anđelko Korušić, Viktor Đuzel, Vjekoslav Jeleč, Igor Nikolić, Miroslav Župčić and Duško Jovičić

Full-Text | PDF |

Editorial : Overcoming oral cancer menace

Awan and Kamran Habib

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Factors Associated With Domestic Violence among the 50 Years and above Living with Hiv-Aids - A Case Study of Mukono Hospital Patients

Ndazima Donny Silus

Full-Text | PDF |

Commentary : The Three C’s of Effective Online Instruction
Keri E Justice
Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Factors affecting Mortality Rate of Infants and under Five in the Philippines: An application of Structural Equation Modeling
Sherwin S Fortugaliza
Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : A Cross-Sectional Study of Client Satisfaction towards Services Received at Boru Meda Hospital Pharmacy on Opd Basis and Community Pharmacy
Abebaw Tegegn Damtie and Assen Muhe Getahun
Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Changing Demographics & Dementia: A Reflection on the Challenges Ahead for India
Suresh Sharma and Manisha Bothra
Full-Text | PDF |

Commentary : Dying for Choice: A Nurses Role in a New Ars Moriendi to Achieve a Contemporary Good Death

Rhona Winnington and Eleanor Holroyd

Full-Text | PDF |

Commentary : Healthcare Big Data and Pain Management: A Look into the Epidemic

Cheryl Ann Alexander

Full-Text | PDF |

Case Report : Lipoid Pneumonia Due to Aspiration of Oil Products: Two Case Reports

Gokhan Perincek, Sema Avci and Emrah Batmaz

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Establishing a Rural School of Nursing in Lebanon: A Practical Model

Fred Saleh

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Forensic Nursing Education and Practice in Lebanon: Current Status and Future Perspectives

Fred Saleh and Nadia Ismail

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Adverse Birth Out Comes and Associated Factors among Delivered Mothers in Dessie Referral Hospital, North East Ethiopia

Niguss Cherie and Amare Mebratu

Full-Text | PDF |

Review Article : A Qualitative Analysis on the Effectiveness of the Social Welfare Pension Scheme of the Elderly Citizens in Sigatoka, Fiji
Rosalie Muertigue and Kelemeni Tavuto
Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Pattern of Admissions in the Department of Pediatrics at Benha Teaching Hospital, Egypt
Elmogy MH, Ebrahim HT and El-Sayed MR
Full-Text | PDF |

Commentary : Is the Pain Real or Not?

Nelson Hendler

Full-Text | PDF |

Commentary : Wound Healing

Bushra Mushtaq

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Perceived Physical Barriers to Maternal Health Seeking Behavior among Rural Women: The Case of Raya-Alamata District, Southern Tigray, Ethiopia

Hayelom Abadi Mesele

Full-Text | PDF |

Case Report : Non-medical Prescribing in the Acute Setting: A Case Report

Jayne R Worth

Full-Text | PDF |

Review Article : The Indiscriminate Use of an Emergency Contraceptive Pill in the Light of the Integrated Literature Review

Bruno Vilas Boas Dias, Jaciara Andrade da Silva, Luciene das Virgens da Cruz and Samanta de Souza Antognetti

Full-Text | PDF |

Review Article : Childrens Experiences of Staying in Hospital from the Perspectives of Children and Childrens Nurses: A Narrative Review
Sonya Clarke
Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Biomechanical Etiology of the So-called Idiopathic Scoliosis (Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis [AIS]). New Classification Rules of Therapy and Prophylaxis
Tomasz Karski
Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Comprehensive Stroke Education Program (CSEP) on Knowledge and Quality of Life among Patients with Stroke and Burden among Caregivers
Baminidevi Nagarajan
Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Effect of Communication Skills Training Program on Nurses-Cancer Patient Communication
Loai Abu Sharour
Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Nursing Education and its Cultural Congruency in the Sultanate of Oman: Case Study

Suad Al Junaibi, Derek Chambers and Aru Narayanasamy

Full-Text | PDF |

Case Report : Case Report of a Phototoxic Reaction after Application of a Footbath with Herbal Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
Beatrice E. Bachmeier, Stefan Hager and Dieter Melchart
Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Prevalence of Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI) among Health Care Workers at Al-Thawrah Modern General Hospital, Sana’a-Yemen 2016
Askar Faiza, Alaghbari Khaled, Bamashmus Mohammed and Alselwi Abdalhafed
Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Effects of Singing Songs about Preoperative Care for Tonsillectomy on the Anxiety of Children Undergoing Tonsillectomy

Mohebbi Kharrati, Sadat Hoseini Akram Sadat, Pour Abouli Batol and Kazemnejad A

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : The Positive Impact of Registered Nurse Sedation Teams
Marlea A Judd and Mary Ellen Warner
Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Incidence and Risk Factors of Pressure Ulcers in a Tunisian University Hospital

Hela Ghali, Rami Chouket, Asma Ben Cheikh, Salwa Khéfacha, Lamine Dhidah, Mohamed Ben Rejeb and Houyem Said Latiri

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : The Prevalence of Left Ventricular Thrombus among Heart Failure Patients Admitted to Kuwait Teaching Hospital in Sanaa City between January 2014 -2017

Alaghbari Khaled and Askar Faiza

Full-Text | PDF |

Review Article : Review of Socio-Demographic and Economic Predictors of Adolescent Pregnancies in Rural Ghana

Mohammed Tanko Naziru, Fred Yao Gbagbo, Evans Kofi Agbenoand Easmon Otupiri

Full-Text | PDF |

Case Report : New Case Reports with Phage Therapy-What is Needed for More?
Karin Moelling
Full-Text | PDF |

Opinion Article : Organ Shortage, Will Peoples Knowledge be a Path to the Solution?
Félix Cantarovich
Full-Text | PDF |

Editorial : EKG Sensor Pad Innovation and Strategy

Cheryl Ann Alexander and Lidong Wang

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Experiences of Foundation Year Students at Oman College of Health Sciences

Suad Al Junaibi, Asma Nasser Al Yahya’ei, Aziza Nasser Al Rahbi, Bushra Abdullah Al Battashi, Iman Hamed Al Ghaithi, Kahwla Abdullah Al Raqadi, Maha Ahmed Al Hinai, Marwa Mohammed Al Farsi, Nawar Abdullah Al Suti, Sameera Said Al Mashari and Sara Said Al Sudairi

Full-Text | PDF |


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