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Hypertensive emergency

Hypertensive emergency otherwise commonly called as malignant hypertension is a condition in which high blood pressure showing life threatening symptoms indicative of acute impairment of one or more organ systems especially kidneys, central nervous system, cardiovascular system.

Hypertensive crisis is an umbrella term for hypertensive urgency or hypertensive emergency.

Typically the systolic blood pressure is at least over 180 mmHg or the diastolic is over 110-120 mmHg. It can result in irreversible organ damage. In a hypertensive emergency, the blood pressure should be slowly lowered over a period of minutes to hours with an anti-hypertensive agent.

Sign and symptoms:

·Chest pain
·Abnormal heart rhythms
·Nose bleeding which is difficult to stop
·Altered mental status

Causes might be due to having irregular or discontinuous antihypertensive medications or usage of drugs like cocaine, amphetamines.

Extreme blood pressure can lead to problems in the eye, such as retinopathy or damage to the blood vessels in the eye.

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