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Heart Transplant

Heart transplantation has become a common operation in recent days. It is an operation in which the failed or diseased heart is replaced by the healthier heart (Donor). This treatment is done when people tried all the medications but have not seen a sufficient improvement.

In children, heart failure is most often caused by either a congenital heart defect or a cardiomyopathy.

There are multiorgan transplants which include:

·         Heart-kidney transplant.

·         Heart-liver transplant.

·         Heart-lung transplant

Complications of surgery:

Risks of having a heart transplant:

·         Rejection of the donor heart

·         Medication side effects

·         Cancer

·         Infection and many more.

Cardiology research Journals like Clinical Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine (CCCM) provides a global open access platform to put forth the ongoing research, reviews articles related to Heart transplantation.

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