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Human immunodeficiency infection disease and AIDS (HIV/AIDS) is a range of conditions caused by contamination with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Following introductory disease, a man may not see any manifestations or may encounter a concise time of flu like ailment. Commonly, this is trailed by a drawn out period without any side effects. As the contamination advances, it meddles more with the safe framework, expanding the danger of creating basic diseases, for example, tuberculosis, and in addition other crafty contaminations, and tumors that once in a while influence individuals who have working insusceptible frameworks. These late manifestations of disease are alluded to as (AIDS). This stage is regularly additionally connected with unintended weight reduction.

HIV is spread essentially by unprotected sex (counting butt-centric and oral sex), sullied blood transfusions, hypodermic needles, and from mother to child amid pregnancy, conveyance, or breastfeeding. Some natural liquids, for example, salivation and tears, dont transmit HIV. Strategies for counteractive action incorporate safe sex, needle trade programs, treating the individuals who are tainted, and male circumcision. Disease in an infant can regularly be counteracted by giving both the mother and youngster antiretroviral drug. There is no fix or immunization be that as it may, antiretroviral treatment can moderate the course of the disease and may prompt a close ordinary future. Treatment is suggested when the analysis is made. Without treatment, the normal survival time after contamination is 11 years.

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