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HIV Prevention

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HIV Prevention

HIV is spread by certain body fluids from a man who has HIV. These liquids are blood, semen, pre-original liquids, rectal liquids, vaginal liquids, and bosom milk. In the United States, HIV is spread for the most part by engaging in sexual relations or sharing infusion tranquilize gear, for example, needles, with somebody who has HIV. To decrease your danger of HIV disease, utilize condoms effectively every time you have intercourse. Try not to infuse drugs. In the event that you do, utilize just sterile infusion hardware and water and never share your gear with others. In the event that you dont have HIV however are at high danger of getting to be tainted with HIV, converse with your medicinal services supplier about pre-presentation prophylaxis (PrEP). PrEP includes taking a particular HIV prescription consistently to decrease the danger of HIV disease

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