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Immunology of HIV AIDS

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Immunology of HIV AIDS

Immunology deals with the study of immune system in all the living organisms and is an important branch in medical and biological sciences.The immune system protects us from infection through various diseases. The disability of immune system in its functioning can result in diseases which may be autoimmune, allergy or cancers.It explains how to protect the body against infectious diseases caused by bacteria, virus, microorganisms and protozoans. Immunology research articles involveclinical studies related to molecular immunology, classicalimmunology,clinicalimmunology, cancer immunology. It also focuses on various other topics like immune pathology, immune disorders, immunodeficiency, and immunotherapy, transplantation immunology.

Edelweiss Journal of AIDSis a scholarly journal maintaining high standards of Immunology research articleswith scientific excellence. Immunology research articles published in our journal will undergo rapid peer review process. We try to publish the manuscript within 4-6 weeks of time after submission.

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