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Pediatric HIV AIDS

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Pediatric HIV /AIDS

The Human Immunodeficiency Infection (HIV) causes Acquired Immuno Defeciency Syndrome (AIDS). HIV can be transmitted amid sex, pregnancy (i.e., from mother to baby), labor, breastfeeding, and different types of introduction to natural liquids that convey the infection. At the point when the infection enters the body, it infuses itself into crucial insusceptible cells called CD4 cells. Without treatment, HIV keeps on recreating itself inside the body, in the end prompting serious immunodeficiency, endless ailment, and passing. Since children immune system are not completely created, children living with HIV get wiped out more seriously than grown-ups. They may encounter indistinguishable regular pediatric diseases from HIV-negative youngsters, however cant battle these contaminations as viably. Regular contaminations in HIV-positive children incorporate ear and sinus diseases, sepsis, pneumonias, urinary tract contaminations, intestinal ailment, skin infection, and meningitis. In creating nations specifically, tuberculosis, looseness of the bowels, and respiratory ailments are normal in HIV-positive youngsters.

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