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HIV Genome

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HIV Genome

The genome and proteins of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) have been the subject of broad research since the disclosure of the infection in 1983. "In the look for the causative agent, it was at first believed that the infection was a type of the Human T-cell leukemia infection (HTLV), which was known at an opportunity to influence the human immune system and cause certain leukemias. However, analysts at the Pasteur Institute in Paris isolated a unknown and genetically distinct retrovirus in patients with AIDS which was later named HIV." Each virion involves a viral envelope and related matrix encasing a capsid, which itself encases two duplicates of the single-stranded RNA genome and a few catalysts. The revelation of the infection itself happened two years following the report of the primary significant instances of AIDS-related diseases. The entire grouping of the HIV-1 genome, extricated from infectious virions, has been solved to single-nucleotide resolution. The HIV genome encodes few viral proteins, constantly setting up helpful relationship among HIV proteins and among HIV and host proteins, to attack host cells and capture their inner machineries. HIV is diverse in structure from different retroviruses. The HIV virion is ~100 nm in distance across. Its deepest area comprises of a cone-shaped core that incorporates two copies of the (positive sense) ssRNA genome, the enzymes reverse transcriptase, integrase and protease, some minor proteins, and the significant center protein. The genome of human immunodeficiency infection (HIV) encodes 16 viral proteins assuming basic jobs amid the HIV life cycle.

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