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Infection is the intrusion of a organisms body tissues by disease causing agents, their multiplication and the response of host tissues to the infectious agents and the poisons they produce. Infectious diseases otherwise called transmissible diseases or contagious disease is an ailment resulting from infection. Diseases are caused by infectious agents including viruses, viroids, prions, microscopic organisms, nematodes, for example, parasitic roundworms and pinworms, arthropods, for example, ticks, vermin, bugs, and lice, growths, for example, ringworm, and different macroparasites, for example, tapeworms and different helminths. Hosts can fight against the diseases utilizing their immune system. Mammalian hosts respond to diseases with an inborn reaction, frequently including irritation, trailed by a versatile response. Specific medications used to treat infections include antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals, antiprotozoals, and antihelminthics.

Edelweiss Journal of AIDS journal is a Peer reviewed journal maintaining high standards of scientific excellence and its editorial board ensures a thorough review process.

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