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HIV and Aging

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HIV and Aging

There is proof to propose that individuals living with HIV age to some degree more youthful than the individuals who dont have HIV. This is on the grounds that your immune system has had to work harder, even with the help of HIV treatment, at remaining solid. HIV and its treatment can likewise affect the cerebrum. In spite of the fact that AIDS-related dementia, is common among individuals with HIV, is presently uncommon. Researches show that in more than of 50 percent of individuals with HIV have HAND, which may incorporate deficits in attention, language, motor skills, memory, and other aspects of cognitive function that may significantly affect a persons quality of life. Individuals who have HAND may likewise encounter discouragement or mental misery. Specialists are examining how HIV and its treatment influence the mind, including the impacts on more seasoned individuals living with HIV. While powerful HIV medications have diminished the probability of AIDS-defining illness among individuals aging with HIV, HIV-related non-AIDS conditions are more typical in people with long-standing HIV contamination. These conditions incorporate cardiovascular diseases, lung diseases, certain tumors, HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders (HAND), and liver illness (including hepatitis B and hepatitis C) among others. Also, HIV seems to build the hazard for a few age-related diseases, and additionally to cause incessant irritation all through the body. Endless irritation is related with various conditions, including cardiovascular diseases, lymphoma, and type 2 diabetes. Specialists are attempting to more readily comprehend what causes chronic inflammation, even when individuals are being treated with ART for their HIV disease.

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