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HIV in women

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HIV in women

Women are more infected with HIV than men. All through the world, HIV is frequently spread through sex. Women might be at more serious danger of being contaminated with HIV through sexual contact than men are. This is on the grounds that the delicate tissues of the vagina can tear somewhat through sex and let the infection enter the body. (This is particularly likely among young ladies under age 18.) The vagina additionally has a huge surface zone that can be presented to the infection, in this way expanding danger of disease. Additionally, butt-centric tissues are likewise delicate and inclined to tearing somewhat amid sex. Ladies are at higher danger of contamination by means of butt-centric sex than by vaginal sex with a infected man. Most ladies around the globe and in the United States who have HIV were infection through sex with a man. Constrained sex, value-based sex, and marriage to an aged men increase ladies danger of disease in numerous spots far and wide.

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