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HIV cure

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HIV cure

There is no cure for HIV yet. However, treatment can control HIV and enable individuals to live a long and health life. In the event that you think you have been in danger of HIV, its vital to get tried. Testing is the best way to know without a doubt that you have the infection. If you have already tested and your outcome is positive, you ll be encouraged to begin antiretroviral treatment at the earliest. Treatment is the best way to oversee HIV and keep it from harming your immune system. It likewise diminishes the danger of passing HIV on to your sexual partners. A functional cure would supress the measure of HIV infection in the body to such low dimensions that it cant be distinguished or make you sick – however it would still be present. A few people think that antiretroviral treatment is successfully a functional cure, yet most define a functional cure as something that supresses the infection without the requirement for continuous antiretroviral treatment. There are a couple of precedents of individuals considered to have been practically relieved, for example, the Mississipi Baby, yet in every one of these cases the infection has re-emerged. A large portion of these individuals got antiretroviral treatment rapidly after contamination or birth.

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