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HIV rapid tests

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HIV rapid tests

The disadvantage of sending a blood test to a research center for HIV testing is that you will you will usually have to wait for a couple of days and must come back to the facility or testing focus to get the outcomes. Thus rapid tests to identify HIV antibodies have been created. These tests are easy to perform and dont require any research facility with the goal that they should be possible by a medicinal service proficient at the facility or testing focus or at the bedside of a patient. A rapid HIV antibody test is a blood test which should be possible by pricking the finger with a lancet and applying the test tube. The outcome is prepared inside 15 minutes. Rapid tests are extremely valuable for the diagnosis of HIV disease in rural or isolated areas that are far from diagnostic laboratories and where patients regularly cant stand to return for test outcomes. These tests are moderately cheap and they exhibit a high rate of reliability if they are accurately utilized. The accuracy of rapid tests is variable yet a few tests are similarly comparable to an ELISA test.

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