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HIV Nursing care

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HIV Nursing care

Nursing Care of Patients with HIV/AIDS" in facilities extending from the primary level health center to the tertiary-level health center who work in a variety of roles to furnish care to those who are with HIV. Medical attendants give life-saving and life-advancing consideration all through the world. Frequently they are the principal providers—or even the essential providers—for patients with HIV. While therapeutically focused trainings give a significant support of the doctors in HIV care, nurses require training that is geared to their competencies and roles. HIV Awareness is important for the safe practices to prevent HIV infection and result in people being more careful. HIV Awareness ultimately decreases disease and infection rates. HIV Awareness program helps people to be aware of the disease and the levels of care and treatment they receive. HIV Awareness educates the people and provides knowledge to the community members about the disease and helps to overcome it.

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