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Edentulism or toothlessness is the state of being toothless to at least some degree in organisms for example humans that normally have teeth (dentition), it is the consequence of tooth loss. Loss of a few teeth is known as partial edentulism, whereas loss of all teeth is known as complete edentulism. Persons who have lost teeth either partially or completely called as edentulous (edentate), whereas those who have no loss of teeth can be called dentate by comparison. The leading cause of tooth loss in developed countries is periodontal disease. While the teeth may remain completely decay-free, the bone surrounding and providing support to the teeth may reabsorb and disappear, giving rise to tooth mobility and eventual tooth loss.

Dental Research & Management is a peer reviewed dentistry Journal, with rapid publication process. It covers the topics such as Periodontal Diseases, Implant Dentistry, Endodontology and Trigeminal Nerve Injury and many more. Dental Research & Management provides a platform to put forth the ongoing research, reviews, and commentaries on dentistry. Dental Research & Management is a scholarly journal maintaining high standards of dental research articles  with scientific excellence and its editorial board ensures a rapid peer review process.

Editorial Board List

Associate Professor 
Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology
Pushpagiri College Of Dental Sciences

Orthodontic Specialist 
Hospital of Stomatology
Chongqing Medical University 
Department of orthodontics
China Medical University 

Department of pedodontic and preventive dentistry
King Salman North West Armed Force Hospital
Saudi Arabia

Samir AbdElaziz Ahmed Koheil
Professor of restorative dentistry and implants
Alexandria University

Betul Yuzbasioglu Ertugrul
Associate Professor
Department of Orthodontics
Izmir Demokrasi University

Professor Maurizio Evangelista
Director of UO Pain Therapy and Headache Center SISC
Catholic University of the Sacred Heart / CIC
Via Giuseppe Moscati 31
Rome, Italy

José Ricardo Kina
Associate Professor
Division of Periodontics
State University of São Paulo Júlio de Mesquita Filho

Aspalilah Alias
Deputy Dean (Research and Innovation)
Faculty of Dentistry
Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia

Raphael Capelli Guerra
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
School of Dentistry of Araraquara-UNESP

Arife Kapdan
Associate Professor
Department of Pediatric Dentistry
Cumhuriyet University

Rashid Iqbal Mian
Assistant Professor
Department of Restorative dentistry
University of Ha’il
Saudi Arabia 

Rafael Arouca
Professor and General Post-Graduation Coordinator
National School of Public Health
Oswaldo Cruz Foundation

Elaine Cristina Escobar
Clinical preceptor
São Judas Tadeu University

Xavier Riaud
Associate Member
Department of Dental Surgery
National Academy of Dental Surgery

Khamis Ahmed Hassan
Professor and Clinical Consultant
Operative Dentistry Division
Department of Restorative Dental Sciences
King Saud University
Saudi Arabia

Mohamed Saber Abdel Halim Ali

Professor of Removable Prosthodontics
Department of Substitutive Dental Sciences
Imam Abdul-Rahman bin Faisal University
Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Adil Osman Mageet
Associate Professor
Department of Orthodontics
Ajman University
Ajman, UAE

Talib Amin Naqash
Assistant Professor
Department of Prosthodontics
College of Dentistry
King Khalid University
Saudi Arabia

Ziad N Al-Dwairi
Professor and Consultant of Restorative Dentistry
Faculty of Dentistry
Jordan University of Science and Technology

Assistant Professor
Department of General Pathology
Pomeranian Medical University
Dental surgeon
Brazilian Association of Dentistry
Assistant Professor 
Department of Anatomy and Surgical Anatomy
School of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA)
Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Periodontics
Ajman University of Science and Technology (AUST)-Fujairah Campus
United Arab Emirates
Dental and Oral Surgeon 
Department of Pathological Anatomy
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens 

Hala Zakaria Mahmoud Mohamed Yossry
Associate Professor
Department of Dental Radiology and Diagnosis
RAK College of Dental Sciences
United Arab Emirates

Highly Accessed Articles List

Editorial : Selective Killing Natural Products and Drugs in Oral Cancer Treatments

Hsueh-Wei Chang

Full-Text | PDF |

Editorial : Beginnings of University Dental Education in Croatia: A Short Historical Review

Livia Brisky

Full-Text | PDF |

Editorial : No Antibiotics for Tooth Extractions in Diabetic Patients

Alexandre Frascino

Full-Text | PDF |

Editorial : Non-Albicans Candida in Oral Cancer

Ali Nawaz

Full-Text | PDF |

Review Article : Managing Stress, Distress and Coping Strategies in Dentistry

Louis Touyz ZG

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Endodontic management of mandibular second molar with Vertucci II canal configuration using Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Nagaveni NB*, Meghna Bajaj, Sneha Yadav, Poornima P

Full-Text | PDF |

Editorial : Vasoconstrictor for Local Anesthetics

Kentaro Ouchi

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Observations of Enamel Microstructure in Incipient Lesions Remineralized by NaF Dentifrices

Makoto Asaizumi*, Naoto Yagi, Koki Aoyama, Tomoaki Kato, Tetsuya Kuga, Nahoko Oode, Takehide Oda, Tsuguo
Sakurada, Shinichi Nagase, Tomohiro Tabara and Robert L. Karlinsey

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Associations between HBD3 and Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines in Asymptomatic Irreversible Pulpitis

Anita Aminoshariae, Mohammed Bakkar, Tracey Bonfield, Santosh Ghosh, Thomas A Montagnese, Andre K Mickel

Full-Text | PDF |

Review Article : Principles of Soft Tissue Management in Dental Implants
Xiao-Quan Mao
Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Correlation between Morphological Facial Index and Canine Relationship in Adults - An Anthropometric Study
Himanshu Trivedi, Aftab Azam, Ragni Tandon, Pratik Chandra, Rohit Kulshrestha and Ankit Gupta
Full-Text | PDF |

Commentary : The Importance of Preserving the Primary Teeth before the Permanent Teeth Eruption

Mohammad Karimi

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : The Effect of Water Fluoride Concentration on DMFT Index in Vardar Population in Macedonia

Ambarkova Vesna

Full-Text | PDF |

Review Article : Friction Between Metallic Brackets Before and After Clinical Use: A Comparative Study

Anna Paula Costa Ponte Sousa, Rafael Ferreira Freire, Nathalia Carolina Fernandes Fagundes, Rogério Bentes Kato, Marcelo Azenha, Murilo Gaby Neves and Fabricio Anaderson Carvalho Almeida

Full-Text | PDF |

Commentary : Adhesive Luting in Ceramic Inlays and Porcelain Laminate Veneers
Ahmed Mohamed Elmarakby
Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Oral Cancer Awareness among Auxiliary Personnel of Dental College in Bhopal City, India
Binu Santha, Vrinda S, Manish Jain and Vidhatri Tiwari
Full-Text | PDF |

Case Report : True Hemifacial Hyperplasia-Clinical Presentations and Treatment Options

Anuna Laila Mathew, Renu Mathew, Gibi Syriac and Joe Joseph

Full-Text | PDF |

Commentary : Mandible in Forensic Anthropology

Aspalilah Alias and Faridah Mohd Nor

Full-Text | PDF |

Case Report : Zimmerman-Laband Syndrome Oral Manifestations A Case Report
Anuna Laila Mathew, Mahima James and Helen Maria
Full-Text | PDF |

Case Report : Improved Super-elastic Ti–Ni Alloy Wire Treatment for Skeletal Class III Malocclusion with Anterior Crossbite Dentition

Yuan-Chieh Chang, Ming-Ke Tsai and Jian-Hong Yu

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Evaluating the Trends for Restorative Treatment, Reasons and Management of Failures in General Dental Practices of Hail Region, Saudi Arabia

Abdullah Muteb Alanazi, Rashid Iqbal Mian, Muteb Sayer Alshammari, Ibrahim Khalil AL Ibrahim, Fahad Abdulrahman Alnasrallah and Ahad Sayer Alshammari

Full-Text | PDF |

Case Report : Gripping the Gripped: Removal of Foreign Bodies from Root Canal System

Shweta Jain, Sachin Jain, Shikha Jainand Sophia Thakur

Full-Text | PDF |

Commentary : Occlusion Confusion
Gene McCoy
Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Treatment of the Deep Overbite Malocclusion with Lingual Orthodontic Appliance during the Patient was Pregnant
Xiaolei Hu and Xiaomian Wu
Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Correcting the Anteroposterior Discrepancy of Class Ⅱ Patient with Overject by the Vertical Control of Miniscrew
Xiaolei Hu and Xiaomian Wu
Full-Text | PDF |

Review Article : The Prevention and Treatment of Neural Arterial Gingival Simplex
Cannon L Mark and Peldyak N John
Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : The Effect of the Scanning Number on Accuracy of Digital Impression
Zhi-Qiang Yang,Feng Deng,Xiao-Lei Hu, Yu-Xuan Wen,Ping Ji and Xiao-Mian Wu
Full-Text | PDF |

Case Report : Customized Microstomia Prevention Appliance Therapy: A Case Report
Mohammed Ajmal, Manpreet Kaur, Mohammed Saleem and K Premnath
Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : A Combined Amalgam-Composite Filling Technique to Resist Cuspal Fracture
Samir Koheil
Full-Text | PDF |

Commentary : The Profile of Ameloblastoma and the Status of Routine Clinical Records from a Developing Country Context

Chandima S, Perera I, Gunathilake S, Shanmuganathan S and Silva D

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Utilization of Recycled Thermoplastic Nylon Combined with Virgin Nylon and the Effect on its Mechanical Properties as a Denture Base Material

 Haslinda Z Tamin, Siti Wahyuni and Ismet Danial Nasution

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : The Detection of Pre-Diabetic Patients in the Dental Setting

Hamda AlMesmar, Nadia Saleh, Shiamaa AlMashhadani and Khaled Farghali

Full-Text | PDF |


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