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Safety monitoring

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Safety monitoring

Safety monitoring of a clinical trial is conducted by an independent physician with relevant expertise. This can be accomplished by review of adverse event, at once when they occur, with timely follow-up through resolution. Responsibility for information and safety monitoring depends on the section of the study and will be conducted by sponsor or Contract analysis organization workers or contractor, and/or by the Principal clinical investigator/project manager conducting the study. In spite of the strategy used, monitoring should be performed on an everyday basis. Oversight of the observation activity is that the responsibility of the sponsor. Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacoepidemiology  journal accepts articles from different disciplines as below but not constrained to only these Pharmacovigilance signal, Pharmacovigilance data management, Design and development of drug, Principles of pharmacology, Quality system and pharmacovigilance, Pharmacovigilance softwares, Drug regulatory activities, Drug reactions and diagnosis, Reporting systems, Clinical trials and pharmacovigilance, Marketing surveillance, Pharmacovigilance ethics and regulations, Biomarkers and pharmacology , Concepts and trends in pharmacovigilance, Pharmaceutical medicines, Drug delivery systems, Statistics and data management.

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