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Drug Utilization Review

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Drug utilization review, Source: The Importance of Drug Utilization Review

Drug Utilization Review (DUR), additionally stated as Drug Utilization Evaluations (DUE) or Medication Utilization Evaluations (MUE), square measure outlined as a licensed, structured, in progress review of attention supplier prescribing, health professional dispensing, and patient use of medication. Drug utilization review involve a comprehensive review of patients prescription and drugs knowledge before, during, and once dispensing to confirm acceptable medication deciding and positive patient outcomes.

Drug utilization review is classified into 3 categories:

• Prospective- analysis of a patients medical aid before medication is distributed
• Concurrent- in progress observance of drug medical aid throughout the course of treatment
• Retrospective- review of medical aid once the patient has received the medication

Drug utilization review programs play a key role in serving to managed health care systems perceive, interpret, and improve the prescribing, administration, and use of  medications.  Employers and health plans realize drug utilization review programs valuable as a result of the results wont to foster a lot of economical use of scarce health care resources. Pharmacists play a key role during this method as a result of their experience within the space of pharmaceutical care. Drug utilization review afford the managed care health professional the chance to spot trends in prescribing among teams of patients like those with bronchial asthma, diabetes, or high pressure. Pharmacists will then, together with different members of the health care team, initiate action to boost drug medical aid for each individual patients and lined populations.  Drug utilization review function a way of rising the standard of patient care, enhancing therapeutic outcomes, and reducing inappropriate pharmaceutical expenditures, so reducing overall health care prices.

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