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Electrochemistry is a part of physical chemistry that studies the connection between electricity, as a measurable and quantitative phenomenon, and identifiable chemical change, with either electricity considered a result of a specific substance change or vice versa. These reactions involve electric charges moving between electrodes and an electrolyte or ionic species in a solution. Thus electrochemistry deals with the interaction between electrical energy and chemical change. When a chemical reaction is caused by a remotely provided flow, as in electrolysis, or if an electric current is produced by a spontaneous chemical reaction as in a battery, it is called an electrochemical reaction. Chemical reactions where electrons are exchanged directly among particles as well as atoms are called oxidation-reduction or redox reactions.

Edelweiss Chemical science journal is a scholarly journal that aims to publish most complete and reliable source of information on the findings and current developments in the form of original Research, Review, Opinion articles, Case reports, Mini review, Short communication. Edelweiss Chemical Science Journal welcome submissions related to chemistry.

Editorial Board List

Takashiro Akistu
Full Professor
Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Science Division II
Tokyo University of Science

Anyun Zhang
Director of Molecular Engineering Laboratory
College of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Zhejiang University
P.R. China

Muntean Edward Ioan
Professor of Analytical chemistry
Department of Food Science
University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj–Napoca

Zhengjin Yang
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of Science and Technology of China

Bingsi Liu
Department of Chemistry
Tianjin University

Tarek A Ahmed
Associate Professor
Department of Pharmaceutics
Faculty of Pharmacy
King Abdulaziz University

Sarbjit Singh
Department of Chemistry
University of Texas at Dallas
United states

Santosh Kumar
Assistant Professor
Division of Chemical Engineering
Konkuk University
South Korea

Claudia Belviso
Laboratories of  Environmental & Medical Geology

Behzad Rezaei
Professor in Analytical Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Isfahan University of Technology(IUT)
Isfahan, Iran

Galla V Karunakar
Organic Chemistry Division-II
Hyderabad, India

Cody P Coyne
Molecular Pharmacology and Immunology
Department of Basic Sciences
Mississippi State University

Sepideh Samiee
Assistant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz

Hongying Cheng
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
Suzhou University of Science and Technology

Mohammad Bakherad
Professor of Organic Chemistry
Faculty of Chemistry
Shahrood University of Technology

Giuseppe Scalabrino
Department of Biomedical Sciences for the Health
University of Milan

Qingle Zeng
Full Professor
College of Materials, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Chengdu University of Technology

Jianhua Yao
Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (SIOC)
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Bo Jin
Key Laboratory of Automobile Materials, Ministry of Education
College of Materials Science and Engineering
Jilin University

Manuel Jose Lis Arias
Department of Chemical Engineering
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Barcelona, Spain

St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (“LETI”)
Associate Professor
Department of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 
Qilu Normal University

Pritam Sharad Jain
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemsitry
R C Patel Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research

Puyou Jia
Associate Professor
Institute of Chemical Industry of Forest Products
Chinese Academy of Forestry

Highly Accessed Articles List

Editorial : Trade-Off in Fire-Retardant Solar Cell Materials and Environmental Issues

Takashiro Akitsu and Kenta Mizuno

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Essential Stuffs for the Cause of Metallic Corrosion in Mineral Oils

Suresh Aluvihara and Jagath K Premachandra

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Spectrofluorimetric Study on Inclusion Interaction of Beta Cyclodextrin with Bimatoprost: Challenging to Green Analytical Applications

Maha A Elabd

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Flaw in Crooks Fluctuation Theorem

Gokaran Shukla

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Appealing Copper(I) and Silver(I) Coordination Polymers with an Unprecedented Betainoid Assembling Ligand

Dylan Amelot, Ammar Hassoun, Lise-Marie Chamoreau, Hani Amouri and Jamal Moussa

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Aluminium Silicon Hypereutectic Alloys from 6063 Alloy’s Black Dross Using Silicon Lumps and Flux

Ahmed S Aadli

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Magnetic Field Effects on Aqueous Anionic and Cationic Surfactant Solutions Part II: Surface Tension

Emil Chibowski, Aleksandra Szcześ and Lucyna Hołysz

Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Magnetic Field Effects on Aqueous Anionic and Cationic Surfactant Solutions Part I: Water Evaporation
Emil Chibowski and Aleksandra Szcześ
Full-Text | PDF |

Editorial : Environmental Chemistry Lectures Based on System Thinking for University Students
Kenta Mizuno and Takashiro Akitsu
Full-Text | PDF |

Research Article : Spot on Gold Nanoparticles-Silica Modified Electrode for Rapid Sensitive Determination of Dinoprostone
Shimaa A Atty, Mohammed Walash, Safaa Toubar, Maha M AbouEl-Alamin, Maha A Elabd and Nahla N Salama
Full-Text | PDF |


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