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Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacoepidemiology (ISSN: 2638-8235)

Research Article

Gull Alpha Power of the Chen Type

Clement Boateng Ampadu

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Published on December, 2020


In they introduced the Chen distribution, and in they extended the distribution to include its “normalized version”. In this paper, we introduce a variant of the Gull Alpha Power distribution by modifying Chen-G of and show the new family is good in fitting real life data.

Corresponding author

Clement Boateng Ampadu, Department of Biostatistics, USA, Tel: +1-6174697268, E-mail:


Ampadu BC. Gull alpha power of the chen type (2020) Pharmacovigil and Pharmacoepi 3: 16-17.


Chen distribution, Chen-G distribution, Gull alpha power distribution