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Volume 1,Issue1

Editorial : Trade-Off in Fire-Retardant Solar Cell Materials and Environmental Issues

Takashiro Akitsu and Kenta Mizuno

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Research Article : Essential Stuffs for the Cause of Metallic Corrosion in Mineral Oils

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Research Article : Spectrofluorimetric Study on Inclusion Interaction of Beta Cyclodextrin with Bimatoprost: Challenging to Green Analytical Applications

Maha A Elabd

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Research Article : Flaw in Crooks Fluctuation Theorem

Gokaran Shukla

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Research Article : Appealing Copper(I) and Silver(I) Coordination Polymers with an Unprecedented Betainoid Assembling Ligand

Dylan Amelot, Ammar Hassoun, Lise-Marie Chamoreau, Hani Amouri and Jamal Moussa

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Research Article : Aluminium Silicon Hypereutectic Alloys from 6063 Alloy’s Black Dross Using Silicon Lumps and Flux

Ahmed S Aadli

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