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Neurological rehabilitation

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Neurological rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation branch of medicine which can generally reduce symptoms, improve function to the damage caused by infections, injuries, degenerative diseases, tumors, structural defects, and disorders in the circulatory system can be impairing the nervous system. Some of the conditions that have been benefited from neurological rehabilitation includes vascular disorders, functional disorders, neuromuscular disorders, degenerative disorders, like Parkinson disease, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Huntington chorea, Alzheimer disease.

Rehabilitation is mainly the science which restores something that is damaged from its former condition. This rehabilitation is of different types, such as; Drug Rehabilitation, Occupational rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Psychiatric rehabilitation, Physical medicine and Rehabilitation, neuropsychology and many more. Rehabilitation is mostly done for the people suffered with different neural disorders, which help them to move on with their life normally. The most important therapies are those that help people. These include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychological therapy, speech, vision therapy, and language therapy, and therapies focused on daily function and community re-integration.

Physiotherapy includes helping patients recover the ability of physical actions which includes: balance retraining, gait analysis and transfer training, neuromuscular retraining, orthotics consultations, and aqua therapy. Occupational therapy helps patients in activities of daily living. Some of these include: home management and safety training, cognitive retraining for memory, attention, processing, and executive functions.

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