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Analysis of Chemicals

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Chemical analysis

The study of the chemical composition and structure of substances is called chemical analysis. Analytical chemistry methods are used to separate, identify, and quantify substance. The method usually depends on chemical reactions between the reagent that is added to the analyte and the material being analyzed (the analyte). Qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis are the two methods used in the analytical chemistry. Qualitative analysis identifies those compounds and elements present in unknown sample material. The amount by the weight of each element or compound present is determined by quantitative analysis. Important modern methods used in the analysis of chemicals are Gas and paper chromatography.

Edelweiss Pharma Analytica Acta is a peer reviewed Open Access journal that aims to publish most complete and reliable source of information on the findings and current developments in the form of case reports, original research and review articles, and short communications. All the articles related to pharmaceutical science are published online and are available to the readers worldwide without any Subscription Charge. Edelweiss Pharma Analytica Acta is the Journal maintained by Edelweiss publications, which ensures of Rapid Peer review with the help of its Editorial Board.

Editorial Board List

Alain L Fymat
International Institute of Medicine and Science

Hossam EL Dien Ahmed EL Shamaa
Professor of anesthesiology
Kasr El-Aini Medical School
Cairo University

Suryakanta Swain
Associate Professor
Southern Institute of Medical Sciences
Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Manager -Regulatory Affairs
Celltrion Pharm Inc
Seoul,South Korea.

B.K. Chakravarthy
Capic Laboratories
Hyderabad, India.

Ashish Chauhan 
National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER)

G Praveen Kumar
Department of Pharmaceutics
Sahasra Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Robert P Bianchi
President and Chief of Scientific and Technical Affairs
Prescription Drug Research Center
Chicago, USA

Cody P Coyne
Professor, Molecular Pharmacology and Immunology
Department of Basic Sciences
Mississippi State University

Yilmaz Capan
Department of Pharmaceutical Technology
Hacettepe University

Takashiro Akitsu
Department of Chemistry
Tokyo University of Science

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